Monday, May 19, 2014

The Stayfree Challenge

Do you research your feminine products? Do you use the same brand every month? Or are you like me and just buy whatever is on sale when that week rolls around?

I've never really given much thought to the effectiveness of feminine products. I've always bought Always because that is the kind my Mom bought for me when I first started. I've continued to buy Always because they are always on sale at Shoppers, so I just stock up during 20x the points events.

I can say that I am happy with Always pads, they get the job done. But I can't lie and say that I am 100% confident in their abilities, or the abilities of any pad. To get personal for a moment, I need a super absorbent pad, but I don't want to feel like I am wearing a diaper.

So when I was approached to do this Stayfree Challenge I jumped at the chance to see first hand which brand really is the best. The kit came with everything I needed to test Stayfree's Ultra Thin pads against 2 competitors; one of them being my current pad of choice the Always Ultra Thin. To conduct this experiment I stuck the pads down in their respective places. Right away I noticed how thin, soft, and pliable the Stayfree pad was.
Next, I poured the blue saline onto each pad and noticed some pretty startling results. With the Stayfree the liquid instantly absorbed. No wait time, literally as soon as the liquid touched the pad it was absorbed. With both competitors there was some beading before absorption. It was shocking that I watched the liquid sit on top of the pad and move around a bit before being absorbed.
After putting the blotting papers and weights on for 5 seconds the true results were revealed. The Stayfree pad had 2 tiny blue dots of transfer. Even after applying extra pressure nothing else transferred. That liquid was trapped in the core and was not going anywhere. Competitor #1 soaked through the blotting paper. Not one spot was dry, and it actually stuck to the weight because it was so wet. Competitor #2, a.k.a Always, transferred more than Stayfree, but way less than #1. With additional pressure more liquid transferred. I was shocked that Always could only hold 5ml of liquid before it was full.
After doing this challenge for myself I can see that Stayfree isn't scamming us with false results in their commercials. And now that I have used them I like them better than the Always. I don't feel them at all while wearing them, and I'm not worried about leaking. The only thing I think needs improvement is the wings. They aren't very strong, and I had some issues getting them to stick. I will be using up my current Always stash, and then this girl is switching to Stayfree.

To learn more about the Stayfree Challenge, and how you can reclaim your pretty panties, head over to The Panty Party's Twitter and YouTube.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions and views are 100% honest and my own.

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  1. I am an Always girl because it was just what I am used to. I am so switching. Well done, Stayfree.


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