Friday, May 16, 2014

Review: Wet n Wild MegaShield SPF 15 Lip Color in Lolly Popstar

"Luxurious colour delivers hours of sheer-to-moderate coverage that glides on buttery-soft for a smooth, moist-looking pout. Lips are pampered with Vitamin E, Amino Acids, Avocado Oil, and Rice Bran Oil that moisturize and condition for silky, soft comfort. And with SPF 15, lips are cared for and protected from harmful UVB rays."

Although I like a good deal on makeup, I haven't really tried much from the affordable, yet high quality, Wet n Wild brand. I have tried their Matte Lipsticks, and I love them, so I thought I would give the MegaShield line a try as well. Lolly Popstar is a medium pink with an intense frost finish.

The first thing I noticed about this lipstick was how smooth and buttery it applied. The swatch above is seriously one swipe, and a light swipe at that. It is super pigmented and opaque in that one swipe. I also really like how moisturizing this lip product is. A lot of times I find that lipstick dries out my lips, but not with this one. 

Although it swatches without a frost, on the lips it is almost unbearable. It looks so bad, and dated, I cant stand how it looks. Apply a layer of similar coloured or clear gloss, and it helps diminish the frost. Another thing I don't like about this product is the packaging. The product sticks up past the tube making it super easy to gouge the product with the lid when putting it on and off.

Overall, the quality of this product is great for the price tag. I won't be buying anymore of the frost finish lipsticks, but I would like to try some non frosts from this line.

Disclaimer: Product(s) in this post were provided for review purposes. Reviews are honest and my own.


  1. Frosting is a horrible finish that should be banned from all cosmetics!

  2. mmm i have a few frosts just to switch up finishes in my collection but i almsot never go for them..


    A Beautiful Zen

  3. Such a fun, vibrant shade! Sorry to hear the frost made it difficult to wear. I don't often opt for frost finishes either!

  4. It's too bad about the frost because it looks like a beautiful shade for the summer.

  5. The shade looks so beautiful; shame about the frost!

  6. Huh, I thought I had misread when you said it was a frost. The swatch does not look frosty at all, it looks super gorgeous and pigmented! Shame is translated to yuckiness on the lips.


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