Thursday, October 30, 2014

Review: o.b. Tampons

Feminine product reviews are becoming a regular thing around here! I mean it's only something that every woman gets 12 times a year for the majority of their lives, so why not talk about it. Right?

Note: It's getting a little personal from here on!

I am normally a pad and tampon user, a combo of both or one or the other, depending on where I am during my cycle. I suffer from a super heavy flow at the beginning of my menstrual cycle, and require a regular size tampon... at least. There is a certain Mean Girls quote coming to my mind right now!

When these o.b. tampons showed up at my door I was like "Holy F**k these are the smallest tampons Ive ever seen!" I definitely didn't think they would do the job. Plus the no applicator thing kinda turned me off of them.
Out of packaging; How to insert; How big when fully saturated
September was a lighter flow then normal so these tiny tampons did seem to do the job. I wasn't using any more or less product then I would with my regular tampons. So did these work? Yes. Would I continuously repurchase them? No.

Although these worked, I was and still am turned off by the no applicator thing. It's way too messy for me and I don't see myself getting over that.

If you are looking for a tiny discreet tampon to bring to the washroom, so no one knows you have your period, then these are for you. If you have a light flow and/or despise pads, then these are for you. If you don't mind getting blood on your hand when inserting your feminine product, then these are for you. But if the thought of getting blood on your hand when inserting your feminine product repulses you...then these are not for you!

Disclaimer - This post is sponsored. Product(s) were provided for review purposes and I am being compensated for my review. Thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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