Friday, September 19, 2014

Lined & Defined Part #2 with Annabelle Cosmetics Instaglam Eyeliner & Mascara Touch Up

I'm trying to be trendy this in I'm trying to adopt the trends while they are "in" opposed to my normal course of action, which is to rock a trend when it is no longer trendy.
According to a wide array of fashion magazines, a few beauty trends for Fall 2014 are graphic liner, lashes, and adding pops of colour to your look. Well, the Annabelle Instaglam Eyeliner & Mascara Touch Up in Psychedelic will help me and you achieve all 3 of those trends.
This one product offers a black liquid eyeliner at one end, and a coloured mascara at the other, all in convenient sleek packaging that's perfect for on the go. Retailing for $12.95, this product comes in 3 mascara shades: Psychedelic - purple, Abyss - blue, Black Star - black.
The eyeliner is an oversized marker-pen with a felt-tip applicator designed for ultimate precision, control and versatility. The perfect tool to achieve thin natural lines to dramatic shapes in one stroke.

The mascara totes a small brush for ultra-precise and flexible application, wrapping even the tiniest lashes. Perfect to intensify your look by using on lower lashes and last minute touch-ups.
Of the duo, the eyeliner is definitely the more impressive of the two products. The applicator makes it easy to apply thin or thick lines. The formula is ultra pigmented and opaque in one swipe and dries quickly. Once set it does not budge.
Although, I love purple and the concept of coloured mascara, I am not a fan of how it looks on my lashes. I feel it makes me lashes disappear if used on the top and bottom lashes. The formula of this mascara is good regardless of the colour, it reminds me of the BIG SHOW Mascara. In the future I will only be using this purple mascara on my bottom lashes.
Overall, the quality of this product is great. Although I'm not a fan of the coloured mascara, I would repurchase just for the eyeliner.

I created my own graphic liner look to showcase this product. This isn't a look I would sport in public, but it is fun to play around with makeup in the confines of my room.

Disclaimer: Product(s) in this post were provided for review purposes.


  1. Love how rich and pigmented the liner is! Such a fun look you created with it! xo

  2. FUN LOOK! i need to play around with graphic liner looks a bit more but i really don't know how to go about create the shapes. i'll probably just google images and copy them :( so uncreative.


    A Beautiful Zen

  3. The purple mascara looks so cool and seems to have great color payoff!


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