Sunday, April 20, 2014

CBB Montagne Jeunesse Challenge: Nut Oil Mud Masque

It's time for the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Montagne Jeunesse Mask Challenge! Over the next 3 weeks me and my fellow CBB members will be partaking in this challenge thanks to Farley Co Beauty. Every week we will be trying and reviewing a different mask. At the end we will tally up the results and see which mask is the winner! Make sure to follow the hashtag #CBBMJMASKOFF to see all of our crazy face mask pictures.

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Week 3 is Oil masks, and we are trying and reviewing the Nut Oil Mud Masque.

"Feed your skin with this African delight, you'd be nuts not too. The goodness of nourishing Baobab Oil sourced from the African 'Tree of Life' and miracle Marula Oil penetrates deep down to reveal glowing and nourished skin."
This mask looked like mint green mud. It smelt very nutty, but not like peanut butter. It also had an herbal note to it that I quite liked.

I applied this mask with a brush, like the last one. It went on smoothly, and felt quite cool. It started drying quite quickly, and I found that I could feel some heat on my skin after it being on for about 5 minutes. The slight heat/burn subsided though, and it again felt cool. At the end of 15 minutes I had a few spots that weren't completely dry.

Removal was fairly easy. I used warm water and wash cloth and it wiped off with minimal rubbing. I had some redness around my nose and hairline where I had to scrub harder to get it off. That redness subsided within a few minutes though.

I was left with super smooth, cleansed, and soft skin.Unlike the peel off mask, my skin was not left feeling tight or super dry. I toned and moisturized like normal after, and my skin felt great for the rest of the day.

Comfort 4/5 - Slight burning when first applied, but felt good after.
Aroma 5/5
Results 5/5
Ease of Use 4/5 - Mask required some scrubbing to get off.
Total Score 18/20

To get your own Nut Oil Mud Masque visit Farley Co Beauty or the following retailers: Familiprix, Lawtons Drugs, Value Drug Mart, or Walmart. This mask retails for $2.

Disclaimer: Product(s) in this post were provided for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. This one sounds really nice! I've been loving all the mask selfies :)


  2. why do you look so cute wearing the mask? haha! lovely mask selfie. i really liked the scent of this one too :)

  3. Agree. How come you don't look like a serial killer in your mask selfies like I do!

  4. This one was my favourite of the series! I had similar results to you :)

  5. Glad you liked this one so much! Sounds like a lovely treat :)

  6. My skin loved this mask! It still looks great a few days later :)

  7. This one scored higher than the Chocolate one, but I still like the smell of the Chocolate one the best!

  8. It really takes a lot for me to put up pictures of myself not being all made up. I am super self conscious of how I look without makeup. This was the only acceptable picture in my opinion out of the 50 I took while wearing this mask!

  9. Thank you! Only too about 50 pictures to get this one!

  10. If you have oily/combo skin I definitely recommend this mask. It really gave me good results :)

  11. Super cute selfie! I wasn't a fan of the smell on this one at all.

  12. I absolutely loved the smell of this one!

  13. Love the selfie, so cute :) Glad your skin loved it!


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