Sunday, May 04, 2014

CBB Montagne Jeunesse Challenge: Super Fruit Mud Mask

It's time for the final mask in the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Montagne Jeunesse Mask Challenge! For the past 5 weeks me and my fellow CBB members have been partaking in this challenge thanks to Farley Co Beauty. Every week we have been trying and reviewing a different mask. Make sure to follow the hashtag #CBBMJMASKOFF to see all of our crazy face mask pictures.

Check out these links for my previous reviews: Self Heating, Peel Off  , Nut Oil Mud, & Apricot Scrub

Week 5 is Mud masks, and I'm trying and reviewing the Super Fruit Mud Mask.

Goji Berries or Miracle Berries are one of the most powerful super fruits around so this mud packs a punch when it comes to protecting against the drying effects of environmental stresses. We've added nutrient rich Pomegranates too - POW! 
This mask was calamine lotion pink in colour. It smelt quite fruity, and super sweet. I really liked the fresh fruit scent of this mask.

I applied this mask with a brush, like the previous ones. It went on smoothly, and felt quite cool. However, almost immediately, it started to feel hot. I continued to apply the mask and kept it on for about half of the suggested time. I couldn't force myself to keep it on any longer as it started to burn and it was quite painful. Using cold water helped sooth my skin, but I was quite red and my skin was quite dry and tight after just 7 minutes. Regardless of the burning, removal was fairly easy.

Comfort 1/5 - Mask started burning almost immediately.
Aroma 5/5
Results 1/5  - My skin was dry, tight, red, and irritated.
Ease of Use 5/5
Total Score 12/20

To get your own Apricot Scrub Masque visit Farley Co Beauty or the following retailers: Familiprix, Lawtons Drugs, Value Drug Mart, or Walmart. This mask retails for $2.
So which Mask won?? Here are my results:

Hot Chocolate Pore Cleansing Sauna Mask - 17/20
Manuka Honey Peel Off Mask - 11/20
Nut Oil Mud Masque - 18/20
Crushed Apricot and Mango Masque - 19/20
Super Fruit Mud Mask - 12/20

The Apricot Scrub mask was my winner! This mask really had it all! It was comfortable on my face, smelt great, was easy to use, and left my skin looking great! I couldn't have asked for more, and I will be repurchasing in the future! Make sure to check out the CBB Website on Monday to see our final group roundup, and see if the group's winning mask was the same as mine!

Disclaimer: Product(s) in this post were provided for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own. 


  1. Sorry to hear this mask was so irritating, but glad you found others that you enjoyed! Thanks for the roundup :)

  2. Burning, ooh that's not good! :-(
    I think this one was my least favourite. I'm just not a fan of mud masks (don't like the drying), and I realized that I'm not a fan of pomegranate scent in products - I find it too strong.

  3. Aw that's too bad that you didn't like this one! :(

  4. Burning is not good! I loved the Apricot one too, it seems to be the overall winner.


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