Wednesday, March 05, 2014

February 2014 Empties

This month I was pretty successful on the empties front. I finished a mix of both sample and full size products, as well as, a couple makeup products. If I keep it up, at this rate, I will have worked through my stash of products in about 8 years!

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Smooth Start Hydrating Shampoo

I loved this shampoo! It lathered well, and was easy to rinse out of my hair. I found I had less product buildup when using this. Frizz and static stood no chance against this shampoo. Repurchase: Yes

L'Oreal Mystery Brand Shampoo

This turned out to be the Garnier Damage Eraser line, and I adore it. This shampoo is moisturizing and hydrating and has helped repair my winter hair. Plus it smells exactly like bananas. Repurchase: Yes

The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner

Last month I finished the cleanser and I really liked it. This toner worked well as in it cleansed excess makeup/oils off my face; but beyond that I didn't notice any mind blowing results. The result I was looking for was reduced excess oils and I was left disappointed. Repurchase: No

Clinique Clarifying Lotion

This is my Holy Grail exfoliant! I love it because it is easy to use and I get a great exfoliation without having to wash the product off after. When my skin was bad I used this 2 times daily, but now I use it a few times a week for maintenance. My skin feels smooth and super clean/refreshed after every use. Repurchase: Yes

Lady Speed Stick Deodorant

What can I say about deodorant? It smells good, kept me smelling good, and kept the sweat at bay. I'm not picky about deodorant, as long as it works I'll buy it. I but this kind in bulk at Costco, 4 tubes for $8. Repurchase: Yes

Beauty Secrets Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover

I bought this in hopes of moving away from acetone due to chemical consumption, and nail health. But I really didn't like this. It didn't remove polish well, and removing glitter was near impossible. What I liked about this remover was that it smelled good. Repurchase: No

Gillette Series Shave Gel for Sensitive Skin

Although I smelt like a man after using this, I really like this shave gel. It lathered well and left my skin soft and smooth. I'm not picky about shave creams, so I have no qualms with using one made for men. Repurchase: Yes

Delon Exfoliating Cotton Rounds

My favourite cotton rounds from Costco. You get 800 for $12. Repurchase: Yes

PUR 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup

I received this years ago in one of the first Glymm boxes,and I loved it when I first got it. Great coverage and a matte finish are to be had with this powder. However, over the years this product seems to have oxidized and it's time to let it go. Repurchase: Yes

Sula Natural Lip Gloss

This is another Glymm product. This gloss is great at toning down brighter lipsticks, and adding some life to more neutral tones. No stickiness with this gloss, and I got long lasting shine. The years have caught up with this beauty and it is starting to smell quite rancid. Repurchase: Yes

Glymm Makeup Bag

This bag served its purpose, but the zipper broke. So in the trash it goes. Repurchase: I cant.


  1. I used a non-acetone polish remover last month and it was the worst! I had to soak my fingers in it for 10 minutes and even then glitter was a nightmare to remove.

  2. Great empties! I also recently threw out my Sula gloss from Glymm, it's a shame that products don't last forever!


  3. LOL at 8 years. Is that only if you buy nothing? But yeah for makeup empties, even if it's just because they went bad.

  4. If I bought nothing for eight years and had about ten empties a month I would maybe use up my entire stash. I keep a running inventory of products and I have about 800+ products right now.

  5. I remember Glymm! What happened to them? I can't wait to do my 1 empty a month post... so riveting.

  6. Great batch of empties!
    Is that non-acetone the pink one that smells like strawberries? If it is then I have it and I agree that it's not as good as the 100% acetone. If not then I'll be sure never to buy this one. :-)

  7. It was a blue liquid Chantal. I'm not sure what it exactly smelt like but it smelled a lot better than any other remover I've used.

  8. They ended up shutting down, but they failed to mention they were closing and kept taking peoples money. A lot of people had to contact their credit cards to have the charges reversed.

  9. i love the delon rounds too! they're the only ones i use!


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